The Crown Season 5 Trailer; Cheese Master; Filmmaker's Nightmare
Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Diana in Season 5 of The Crown

The trailer for The Crown Season 5 is here and this is not a drill; Meet the Master of Cheese; The heist movie that got heisted. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

Out Today: The Grand Bolero, Italian director Gabriele Fabbro’s feature directorial debut, begins streaming today on Amazon Prime Video. It follows the story of a middle-aged pipe organ restorer who struggles to suppress her attraction to her new, non-verbal assistant. I had the pleasure of meeting Fabbro this past weekend at the Newport Beach Film Festival, where his music video Desert Sessions – If You Run, which he made for Josh Homme’s band Desert Sessions, is screening tonight at 8 p.m.

Until Next Year, Newport Beach: Today is the closing day for the Newport Beach Film Festival. It’s not too late to catch Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which is playing tonight at 7:45 p.m. And if you missed this year, start thinking about attending next year — I can’t recommend this festival enough to filmmakers who are looking to meet other filmmakers. NBFF has a unique communal vibe where you can actually get to know people and make some real connections.

Róise and Frank: NBFF also has an absolutely dazzling Irish film block, which this year featured multiple Irish language films including Rachael Moriarty and Peter Murphy’s Róise and Frank. It’s a super heartwarming family movie told entirely in the Irish language (in America we say Gaelic, but in Ireland, they just call their native language Irish). It follows Róise (Bríd Ní Neachtain) a grieving widow who believes that her late husband has been reincarnated into a dog who shows up one day on her doorstep. She names him Frank after her husband, and Frank helps her come to terms with her loss. It’s a beautiful movie and I highly recommend it.

Master of CheeseAllow me to recommend one last film from NBFF — a documentary called Master of Cheese. It follows Willi Schmid, a cheesemaker from Switzerland who the film contends may just be the very best cheesemaker in the entire world. A chef with 3 Michelin stars calls him a “genius.” Schmid is so passionate about cheese, he literally befriends each individual cow on every farm where he sources milk. Master of Cheese tells his life story, from starting a cheese dairy with his wife using every last penny of their life savings to rising to the absolute top of his industry. He also walks viewers through the cheesemaking process, which is very fascinating. Again, I can’t recommend this one enough. Learn about where you can catch a screening here.

Unsolved MysteriesI spoke with Gabe Torres, who directed Something in the Sky, the fascinating new Unsolved Mysteries episode about a mass-UFO sighting in Michigan in 1994. He told me all about the episode’s main subject, retired meteorologist Jack Bushong, and how the memory of what he saw on his radar screen that night still haunt him.

A Moviemaker’s Nightmare Fuel: On the day that director Stu Stone and his producing partner Adam Rodness were supposed to start shooting their heist comedy Vandits, they went to grab their gear and realized that their entire van, full of $250,000 worth of camera equipment, had been stolen. If that doesn’t send a shiver down the spine of every indie filmmaker, I don’t know what will. What’s funny is that most people thought it was a publicity stunt, considering that the movie is about stealing things and their last movie was called Faking a Murderer. But it was a very real robbery, and they have the police records to prove it, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s Here, the Moment We’ve All Feared: Netflix said in its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday that they were dead serious about charging subscribers a fee for sharing their usernames and passwords with friends and family, according to UNILAD. They’ve been threatening this for a while, but now the threats have become real and will go into effect in 2023. Does this mean people will get charged if their ex keeps using their Netflix account after they’ve broken up? Better change those passwords now, guys.

The Crown Trailer: The trailer for Season 5 of The Crown is out now, and it’s getting spiiicyyy this season! I am truly shaking in my boots as I await this new batch of episodes. Just hearing Elizabeth Debicki’s Princess Diana voice in the trailer is haunting! She really sounds like her. I am so excited. Here’s the trailer, and here are some first-look photos:

Main Image: Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Diana in Season 5 of The Crown. Photo Credit: Keith Bernstein. Courtesy of Netflix.