T.J. Miller Makes Up with Ryan Reynolds After Deadpool Spat

T.J. Miller says he’s made up with Ryan Reynolds, days after complaining that the Deadpool star embarrassed him on the set of Deadpool 2.

Miller said on the Adam Carolla Show podcast recently that Reynolds was “horrifically mean” to him on set, doing an ad lib that implied Miller’s character was only in the movie to provide set ups for Reynolds, the real star. When Miller appeared Wednesday on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts, Norton asked if Reynolds had reached out to him.

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“Yeah,” Miller replied. “He has. It was really cool. He emailed me the next day and kind of said, it was a misunderstanding. So I emailed him back, and now it’s like fine.”

Miller added that he didn’t expect the media coverage of him going on Carolla and “telling a story from on set that I thought was weird. … And that’s a big problem I have in general — kind of not thinking about what the repercussions of saying this or that would be.”

“But I think it was very cool for him to say, ‘Hey, I just heard on the show that you were upset about this.’ And I kind of said, ‘You know, I’m not,’ and then we sort of just hashed it out really quickly.” Miller added that he had also complimented Reynolds on being “so funny” and “so amazing in those movies,” but that clickbait stories had ignored the positives.

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“I said all these complimentary things and none of that shows up,” Miller said. “I didn’t think I had said anything that was that negative. I feel bad that it was picked up and that it was misconstrued. But no, it was the next day — he and I talked, and it’s fine.”

Here’s what Miller said was misconstrued: Earlier this month, Carolla asked Miller about his relationship with Reynolds, because Miller plays Weasel, a friend to Deadpool. Miller talked at length about Reynolds handsomeness and sense of humor, adding “I love him as a comedian, but I think after he got super, super famous from the first Deadpool then he, yeah — things sort of changed.”

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Miller said he would not work with Reynolds again, thought he noted that he has said the same about Michael Bay before changing his mind.

Still, he said of Reynolds, “I think it’s weird that he hates me.” Asked why he thought Reynolds hated him, Miller replied that they had a “really weird moment.”

T.J. Miller said at one point, Reynolds was riffing in character and “was horrifically mean to me, but to me — as if I’m Weasel. So he was like, ‘You know what’s great about you, Weasel? You’re not the star, but you do just enough exposition that it’s funny, and then we can leave and get back to the real movie.’”

He also called Reynolds “kind of an insecure dude” and said he would “not have done Deadpool 3 if they came to me and were like, ‘We want you to do Deadpool 3, and we’re going to pay you twice as much.’”

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Main image: T.J. Miller on Jim Norton & Sam Roberts podcast.