It’s a special time for cult films, with Tommy Wiseau finally announcing his follow-up to The Room, and the live-action Super Mario Bros. recently christened as a cult classic in the wake of the animated adaptation hitting theaters. Appropriately, writer, producer, and director Robert McGinley has decided to revive his award-winning 1999 cult film, Jimmy Zip.

Boom! Cult, McGinley’s media production company, has done a complete restoration of the film from 35MM Kodak Vision Stock to 4K HDR, and recut a new ending that exemplifies how art and camaraderie become a matter of life and death. The result is Jimmy Zip: RELOADED! 

Jimmy Zip: Reloaded trailer

Jimmy Zip: RELOADED is an action-packed drama that explores the destructive and creative forces of fire. Jimmy Zip (Brenden Fletcher from The Revenant), an abused runaway with pyromaniac tendencies, teams up with a metal sculptor (Robert Gossett from Arlington Road) with Tourette syndrome. Together they blow away the art world and a local crime boss (Chris Mulkey). Yes, Chris Mulkey from Twin Peaks.

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The movie is a new spin on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, diving into the underbelly of urban society: the street hustle, degrading living conditions, and the terror of ruthless violence. Against that, McGinley brings light — or in this case fire — to what seems like a solely dark tale. The film seems as relevant now as it was during the original release.

Robert McGinley on Jimmy Zip: RELOADED

“The motivation to restore and recut Jimmy Zip is inspired by the world of the story that focuses on homelessness and teen gutter-punk culture, which is even more of a problem today than when the film was originally produced.  Revisiting the story also gave editor Howard Flaer and myself an opportunity to fine tune an ending that serves an iconic rite of passage story,” said McGinley.

Jimmy Zip: RELOADED will premiere on Sunday, April 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the Crescent Theater, 100 N Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, California. Immediately following the premiere will be a brief Q&A with the director and a reception. Get tickets here or pre-order the Jimmy Zip: RELOADED DVD at

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Main image from left to right: Mateus (John Epps), Snake (Greg
Harris),  and Zoe (John Truong) help Jimmy Zip (Brenden Fletcher) get