When you watch the trailer for Tommy Wiseau’s new movie Big Shark — his first film since his 2003 cult classic The Room — you might be surprised, and slightly confused, to find an ad for Wiseau’s underwear brand at the end that’s nearly as long as the trailer itself.

And yet, there it is.

What is Tommy Wiseau’s Big Shark about?

The trailer for Big Shark was debuted exclusively by Variety on Thursday. The movie follows three firefighters named Georgie, Patrick, and Tim, who work to save New Orleans from a giant shark attack. As the trailer ominously warns, the world’s most vicious hunter has come to the bayou, and he only wants one thing: blood.

Immediately following the trailer, the video keeps rolling, and the writer, director, and star appears on screen with two men playing basketball, the waistband of their TWUnderwear branded briefs exposed.

“Love is blind,” Wiseau says (well, at least, that’s what it sounds like he’s saying).

“Love is dangerous,” a woman says.

Then Wiseau appears again, repeating his first line, before another man pops up, saying, “Love is awesome.”

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Only then does it become abundantly clear that this is, in fact, an ad for TWUnderwear, and not just a strange outro to the trailer, which was my first thought. “Designed by Tommy Wiseau,” we’re informed, before being pointed to tommywiseau.com, where a 3-pack of men’s underwear is currently on sale for $16.99.

TWUnderwear has been around since at least 2017, and according to at least one review, they’re supposed to be pretty comfortable.

As for Big Shark, according to Variety, the trailer has been playing before theatrical screenings of The Room for a few months but it’s just now being debuted online.

Alongside Wiseau, other stars include Isaiah Laborde (Cold Moon, Bomb City, A Christmas Wish) and Mark Valeriano, who played Rod Stewart in HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. He’s also been in Dynasty on The CW. That’s a lot of dynasties.

If you want to catch Big Shark on the big screen as soon as possible — and maybe see Wiseau there in person — you can see its debut screening on April 2 at Cinema 21 in Portland, Oregon, with more screenings to follow over the coming months in San Francisco, West Hollywood, New Orleans, and New York before it’s wide release.

Wisea rose to fame after The Room garnered a cult following for its unconventional storytelling, and critics have dubbed it one of the worst movies ever made. The making of The Room was famously chronicled in James Franco’s 2017 comedy-drama The Disaster Artist, in which he stars as Wiseau and his brother, Dave Franco, co-stars as Wiseau’s best friend, Greg Sestero.

Anyways, here’s to Big Shark. Oh, hi Mark!

Main Image: Tommy Wiseau in the trailer/underwear ad for Big Shark.