Righteous Gemstones Coen Brothers

Danny McBride’s The Righteous Gemstones feels almost as indebted to the Coen Brothers as it does to McBride’s past HBO shows, Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals. The Oscar-winning Joel and Ethan Coen may not seem like the most obvious influence on McBride’s gaudy exploration of deeply flawed evangelicals, but have faith: The signs are there if you look for them.

GQ once listed the Coen Brothers’ trademarks as “silly accents, botched capers, diamond-precise set design [and] a general eau de quirk in the air.” Add a skillful combination of horror and comedy and you have the Righteous Gemstones to a T.

As we head into Sunday’s Righteous Gemstones season finale, scroll through for some Righteous Gemstones-Coen Brothers parallels we can all believe in.

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