Jetset Studios, one of the entertainment industry’s leading online marketing agencies, has decided to face controversy head-on by developing, a new Website that promotes the release of the upcoming Bill Maher documentary Religulous. satirizes the spiritual site by humorously dissecting God and religion, and utilizing both original content and actual online material discovered by Jetset Studios. Although the site is fairly new, it has already been categorized as “tasteless” and deemed “unsuitable for use on a government network” by the United States Department of Defense.

Regarding the site, Patrick Young, co-founder and president of Jetset Studios, stated, “We realize religion is an important issue for many people but sometimes even the most serious of matters needs to be looked at in a humorous way and that’s what we hope does. While much of the site’s material may make people laugh, cry and/or look away, perhaps it can also educate viewers of the world’s many religions and create a level of understanding.”

Religulous follows Maher, known for his irreverent wit, strong political beliefs and astute analytical skills, as he travels around the world interviewing people about God and religion.

Directed by Larry Charles (Borat, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Religulous will be released by Lionsgate on October 3rd. Before the film’s premiere, visit and find out why this satiric site has become so controversial.