What Is Real in Painkiller and Made Up

Behind Closed Doors

Painkiller, courtesy of Netflix

Barry Meier, who served as a consulting producer and who wrote the book Pain Killer that some of the show is based on, said it’s impossible to know what really happened behind closed doors at Purdue.

“The fact of the matter is that from the very beginning, the Sacklers have hidden themselves behind layers of lawyers and lobbyists and hired mouthpieces. They never stuck their head above the parapet and never said, ‘I am doing this because I believe in this, you want to ask me questions, fire away.’ In some ways, they came across as cowardly,” Meier told MovieMaker.

“They were happy to have their names up on museums, but when it came to responsibilities for their actions, they didn’t say a word. So what was going on inside the mind of Richard Sackler? Your guess is as good as mine.”

The Sacklers have consistently denied any wrongdoing in the opioid crisis. Here’s more info about where Richard Sackler is now.

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