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Naya Rivera’s 15 Best Performances in Glee

Naya Rivera’s 15 Best Performances in Glee

Naya Rivera 15 Best Performances in Glee

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“Doo Wop (That Thing)” by Lauryn Hill (Season Five, Episode 18)

After Mercedes signs a record deal and moves to New York City, Santana encourages Mercedes to change it up and find that authentic New York vibe. Santana oozes cool and charisma as they shift perspectives and find “that thing” in this iconic Lauryn Hill rendition. 

“If I Die Young” by The Band Perry (Season Five, Episode Three)

In the Finn/Cory Monteith tribute episode, “The Quarterback,” the original cast returns to Lima to mourn the loss of their beloved friend. After confessing she liked and respected Finn, Santana erupts with guilt that he died thinking she hated him.

During an emotional performance of “If I Die Young,” Santana suddenly breaks down into a heartbreaking meltdown. Fans have noted the haunting lyrics, given Rivera’s death by accidental drowning: “If I die young, bury me in satin / lay me down a bed of roses / sink me in the river, at dawn.” 

Rivera was found dead seven years to the day after Monteith died on July 13, 2013. This tribute shares a special significance commemorating the loss of both Rivera and Monteith, two loving and vibrant souls that passed too young. 

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