MovieMaker is excited to announce its new Instagram Moviemaker of the Week program!

A few weeks ago, MovieMaker kicked off its new Instagram MovieMaker of the Week program. What’s that, you ask? Well, every few weeks MovieMaker will be lending out its Instagram account to an intrepid filmmaker in production on a new feature. Speaking of which, are you an intrepid filmmaker going into production on a new feature? If so, write to and let him know you’re interested!

Our first MovieMaker of the Week is Kyle Patrick Alvarez, and he just wrapped production on his second feature C.O.G. Kyle’s first film, Easier with Practice, garnered him the coveted “Someone to Watch” Award at the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards. C.O.G., his much-anticipated follow-up, was adapted from the David Sedaris story of the same name. If this sounds pretty cool, you’re right. No one has ever successfully gone into production on a Sedaris-inspired film until now!

Follow us at @moviemakermag on Instagram to see behind-the-scenes, on-set pictures of C.O.G. And just maybe, you’ll be the next moviemaker we feature!