Just in time for Halloween 2016—MovieMaker Magazine releases its first-ever annual Guide to Making Horror Movies eBook edition.

First published as a special section in MovieMaker’s Fall 2015 issue, this eBook edition has been expanded with extra stories unavailable in print or online. It’s essential reading for all horror movie creators and fans, with:

  • An examination of what makes a truly scary scene, with a breakdown of  frighteningly memorable moments in recent horror favorites The Babadook, Splice and We Are What We Are
  • An interview with Eli Roth about his Knock Knock/The Green Inferno two-hander, the begging, borrowing and hard work he needed to launch his career, and how to convince companies to loan you gear for cheap
  • [New story!] Directing lessons from Alfred Hitchcock

Ebook pg 16

  • An in-depth discussion of RADiUS’s smash success, It Follows, and a study of the contemporary horror distribution landscape
  • A comprehensive guide to the horror festivals you need to submit to across North America and the rest of the world
  • [New story!] A guide to navigating the horror fan universe

Ebook pg 34

  • Plus: a poll on the scariest scenes of all time, Nicolas Winding Refn’s 10 favorite horror classics, and a handy horror sub-genre flowchart to help you determine what your next film should be about.

The eBook edition is on sale for only $2.99 via Amazon. Alternatively, to purchase it as a direct PDF download from MovieMaker, email [email protected]. You will receive a response with payment information and a link. MM