Our MovieMaker Minute series of videos are brief little nuggets of inspiration and advice from some of our favorite filmmakers.

Alex and Andrew Smith, twin brothers from Montana and a writing-directing duo, saw their latest feature, Walking Out, premiere in Sundance 2017’s U.S. Dramatic Competition. The Smiths, previously known for 2013’s Winter in the Blood and 2002’s The Slaugter Rule, take on the controversial subject of hunting in this film, based on David Quammen’s short story of the same name.  Matthew Bomer and Josh Wiggins play a father and son who get stranded on a hunting trip in the freezing Montana wilderness.

We spoke to the Smiths and their star, Wiggins, in Park City. In this clip, the brothers talk about the burden of the director to keep his or her cool on set. It all comes down, they say, to hiring other people to freak out for you. MM