Nicolas Cage Scream 5 Quibi

In today’s Movie News Roundup: Everything no one will tell you about how to sell a film; Scream 5 is coming along nicely; Quibi has “fizzled”; and how much it purportedly costs to hire Nicolas Cage.

Demystified: The new web series Demystified, created by StudioFest and presented by MovieMaker, answers a slew of questions about how to sell a movie, including which genres are most and least marketable and how honest you should be about your budget. And then out of nowhere this executive just comes out and says how much it’ll cost you to hire Nicolas Cage. Seems low to us? Judge for yourself at the 11:20 point:

Quibi Troubles: Maybe don’t devote your life to writing 10-page scripts? Fortune says Quibi, the brand-new platform for ultra short form content, has “quickly fizzled.”  One problem: COVID-19 means fewer of the “in-between moments” we spend waiting for appointments, buses etc. We were supposed to spend those in-between moments watching Quibi because of the law that we must have a screen affixed to our faces at all times.

Choo-Choo-Choose This: The Chattanooga Film Festival is going full steam ahead to entice you online with a stacked lineup for its virtual edition: Events include Ice-T and Ernest Dickerson revisiting their cult classic Surviving the Game, Joe Bob Briggs discussing The Stand with producer Mick Garris, Alex Winter talking about his documentary Zappa, and Joe Dante accepting CFF’s Lifetime Achievement Award. We’re gonna go ahead and add this to our list of the Best Online Film Festivals.

Scream 5: David Arquette will return as Sheriff Dewey Riley in a new Scream movie from Ready or Not directors Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Neve Campbell told The Hollywood Reporter last week that they sent her a very, very respectful letter last week and that she is in very early negotiations about a return. If I’m remembering correctly, the Scream series is about a group of teens who long to see the Edvard Munch painting “The Scream” in their local museum, but Sheriff Dewey believes that paintings should be banned because they “arouse pow’rful emotions.” The kids band together to save the museum or something.