Phoebe (Ashley Bank) from The Monster Squad (1987)

Ashley Bank as Phoebe, the younger sibling of Monster Squad leader Sean

She might not have reached double digits yet, but when it comes to dealing with monsters, Phoebe knows her stuff. The younger sister of Monster Squad leader Sean (Andre Gower), not only does she befriend Frankenstein, who later becomes a powerful ally, she then gets Sean and his friends—whose reaction to seeing the monster was to shriek and run away—to accept him as a Monster Squad member with a memorable admonition:

“It’s OK you guys, he’s friends with us! C’mon, don’t be chickens—” When a five year old tells you to man up, you’d better do it. As if the pigtailed, dress-wearing Phoebe weren’t bad enough, it’s she who throws Dracula and the other monsters back into Limbo by reciting a German incantation that will only work if it’s read by a virgin. Her pronunciation wasn’t even that bad, considering she was probably missing a few baby teeth.