Sam (Corey Haim) from The Lost Boys (1987)

Cory Haim (left) as younger sibling Sam

As the younger brother of Michael (Jason Patric), a teenager who gets turned into a vampire (well, a half-vampire) after he falls in with a crowd of be-mulleted bikers, Sam handles his introduction to the world of the supernatural as any true younger brother would: obnoxiously.

From his initial reaction to discovering Michael’s undead state (“You wait ’til mom finds out, buddy!”) to his ill-timed interjections during an emotional conversation between Michael and fellow half-vamp Star (“You drank someone’s blood? Are you crazy?!”), one thing that Sam can never be accused of is having dignity under pressure. (Though his… er… unique ’80s wardrobe doesn’t help with the whole “dignity” thing, either.) But maybe it’s not Sam’s fault—being around all those mullets could melt anyone’s brain.