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Michael Moore Unnerved That Trump Will Still Have Nuclear Codes If He Loses

Michael Moore Unnerved That Trump Will Still Have Nuclear Codes If He Loses

Michael Moore worries about trump keeping nuclear codes

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Michael Moore urged Democrats to remain calm and not let President Trump’s voters try to intimidate them — while admitting he tries not to think about the fact that Trump will still have the nuclear codes until Jan. 20 if he loses the election.

In an election eve Facebook Live discussion with fans, Moore — who correctly predicted Trump’s surprise victory in 2016 — stressed that Trump could still win. But he agreed with a fan who said the next two months “will be hell” even if Trump loses.

“That’s the problem. He has more than two months before he’s done on Biden’s inauguration day. And remember, there’s no inauguration for Biden unless everybody gets out and votes. … But assuming this happens, I think it’s actually legitimate to say it’s a fairly scary time here for these next two months, two-and-a-half months. And what are we going to do?”

He continued: “You don’t even want to think of the fact that that soldier who goes with him everywhere with a briefcase is still going to be with him for two-and-a-half months, with the nuclear codes. Just that alone — it might be something we have to fix in the future. I think like once you’re voted out, the U-Haul should pull up the next day and that’s that.”

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Trump has signaled that he might not make things easy for Joe Biden’s team if the Democrat wins the election, making baseless accusations that the Obama Administration undermined his own transition.

“They ask me, ‘If you lose, will there be a friendly transition?’ Well, when I won, did they give me a friendly transition?” Trump said at a recent rally, according to The Washington Post. “They spied on my campaign. They did all this stuff. That was not a friendly transition.”

In fact, President Obama and Vice President Biden left their positions without incident and attended Trump’s Jan. 20, 2016 inauguration.

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Moore titled his talk “Michael Moore’s Election Anxiety Middle of the Night FB Live Meet Up with Everyone Else Who Can’t Sleep Because the Polls Open in 3 Hours.”

The director, whose latest film, Fahrenheit 11/9, is streaming free on Amazon Prime, stressed throughout the broadcast that people can have political differences without resorting to violence.

He told another fan he doesn’t worry about Trump supporters who have formed caravans of vehicles. The FBI is investigating a case in which vehicles with Trump flags surrounded a Biden-Harris campaign bus in Texas.

“I don’t pay any attention to them. I think it’s kind of silly and I feel sorry for them in some ways. Maybe I shouldn’t,” Moore said, adding: “Don’t worry about them. Don’t be intimidated. That’s all they want to do. You’ve known these guys since fifth grade. Since high school. They’re bullies. What do you do with a bully? How do you stop a bully? Do you remember how to do that? Anybody who did do that?”

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He continued: “I did that in grade school. It helped that I was the tallest and biggest kid in the class,” he laughed.

When another fan asked whether they could feel safe in their home on election night, given that they live in “Trump country,” Moore replied: “Yes, I think so. Other than Trump people, Trumpsters that also have a thing with alcohol — obviously that’s always a problem — generally I’m just not going to worry about them. Their bark is bigger than their bite. … We give them power when they’re afraid, so let’s not do that.”

He also predicted Trump will continue to talk with his base, no matter what happens.

“Oh absolutely. Are you kidding? This is like his reality show is back and it’s extended for the rest of his life. … There will be 60 million people at least voting for him if not more. That’s a big audience. He’s not going anywhere. Maybe he’ll start his own news network. … We are going to have to look at him and see him and hear him. Eventually though we raise enough kids — every year, 4 million 17-year-olds, become 18, that means they become voters. These kids, not too many of them are going to want to vote for Republicans anymore. That’s a good thing. … Eventually Trump won’t have an audience.”

Fahrenheit 11/9, directed by Michael Moore,is streaming free on Amazon Prime. If you enjoyed this article you might also enjoy this interview with Wolf of Snow Hollow director Jim Cummings about becoming your own film studio:

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  1. JM says:

    He hasn’t gotten into a war in four years. The first president to do that since..??? Get a grip Moore. Your political pandering is obnoxious and old at this point.

  2. Robert Henderson says:

    Michael Moore isn’t worried about nuclear codes. He’s worried the polls are wrong again.

  3. charlotte says:

    No worries Trump is obviously going to win. He has 25,000 people show up to his rallies late at night throughout the rally season lol. Just because the media blocks the truth out doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Face it American DNA does not want to get used to guarding their speech or their rights so the likes of overgrown fake college film student Michael Moore with his tiny college cap on his gigantic head can be a billionaire and do as he pleases. Have you bothered to see the spontaneous trucks, cars and boats line up throughout the country waving TRUMP and AMERICAN FLAGS. AMERICANS WOULD RATHER WAVE FLAGS THAN BURN THEM! TRUMP will win regardless of your threats.Hollywood is finished the stars should all go back to get their GED or get a real job.

  4. Bob says:

    I used to work in defense sector media. Michael Moore reflects a common ignorance. The President alone can not launch a nuclear strike. There are layers of protocols in place, including the approval of the Secretary of Defense. Moore is a progressive. Progressives FEEL, but have no clue as to how things really work in the real world. So, his jabber is bunk.

  5. Will Wilhelm says:

    Michael, You can be rest assured that the military commanders will NOT allow a President to do anything rash, like launch an all out nuclear strike. Military commanders are not automatons that blindly do whatever the Commander-in-Chief says no matter what. Any authorizations to launch are evaluated to prevent the very thing you are loosing sleep over.

  6. Tater says:

    Michael Moore likes suffering.

  7. Jack Howarth says:

    Moore’s biggest worry should instead be Attorney General Barr appointing a special counsel to investigate the Biden family’s money laundering before leaving office.

  8. John_Bull says:

    Hey Mike

    you were one of the first to say the earth would blow up if trump got elected in 2016. Instead, we are closer to world peace and shedding long wars that were of no real interest to the US. Trump has done the complete opposite of the utter nonsense you spew – why would he change that now, if he does indeed, lose the election (or that the election was stolen from him/us)

  9. ZEE ZEE says:

    Change the codes.

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