A truly complete film education not only keeps students technically savvy, but also challenges them to widen their perspectives on life and the world at large. Miami International University of Art and Design’s film and digital production program strives to provide just that type of education.

The University is part of The Art Institutes, a system of schools dedicated to the development of creative artists in the culinary, design, fashion and, of course, media arts fields. The breadth of creativity available is a major asset to the school’s film students. As Film Department chairman John Maass says, “Learning how to combine forces with artists from other disciplines is a crucial part of filmmaking. Miami International University’s film students get the chance to collaborate with the school’s Visual Effects, Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Visual Arts and Interior Design departments on their productions.” Students end up with richer projects and more hands-on experience in collaborative ways.

As the exclusive film and digital production school among The Art Institutes’ 35 locations, Miami International University draws students from all over the world to its culture-rich Florida campus. Here, film students have the opportunity to network and study with a diverse student body that will allow students, as Maass says, to “expand their storytelling horizons and aesthetic sensibilities through exposure to a wide range of narrative and cultural traditions.” Such a global perspective will be much needed by moviemakers in today’s ever-shrinking world.

Miami International University of Art and Design offers film education at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The Bachelor of FIne Arts in Film and Digital Production program guides students along with comprehensive lab training as well as courses in theory and general education. The six-quarter master’s program leads up to the completion of a self-designated thesis film. For more information, visit www.artinstitutes.edu/miami.