A great poet, Dante, finds the perfect love relationship with Beatrice. Later, he discovers that their relationship cannot be consummated until the afterlife. He is then sent by God on a sacred mission to travel through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise to share the resulting experience with humankind. Beatrice appears in Limbo who asks Virgil, Dante’s hero, to rescue Dante from 3 wild beasts, and to protect him from all perils and to guide him through Inferno and Purgatorio (first sequel movie). Inferno (Hell) is a central core of evil in the Earth’s interior. There are nine circles in Hell, each corresponding to the seriousness of the sins of the damned souls, in the lowest of which is Lucifer himself, here known as Dis, frozen forever in ice up to his waist. Dante and Virgil must walk over Lucifer’s bottom body to exit Inferno (Hell), and soon after to enter Purgatorio.