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Making Movies

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I am making a movie.

Not just a little movie, but a feature length one. And
without much money. In fact, about $20,000 of my own money- and
we’re shooting part of it on 35mm film, using Panavision camera

I am not supposed to be doing this. We are taught that
we need a few milion dollars to make such an attempt, or at least
several hundred thousand. I am doing it with $20,000. Does that
mean I’m crazy? Probably. But this project is more than just a dream-
it’s really a test. Can it be done? Are all those words found in
self-help books about making a decision and then watching providence
come through for us really true, or just bullshit? Maybe with this
movie I am asking the ultimate question- is there really a God?

I am making a movie.

Of course, I would not recommend anyone do this- unless
you’re capable of withstanding the stress. I am blessed with a life-partner
who understands the tensions and triumphs involved and is always
supportive- and that is a huge moral boost. But the point is that
making a movie is possible, and what I am saying is, it’s necessary.
For too long we have been imprisoned by our own self-doubts and
the garbage coming out of Hollywood. We live in our own limitations
and prisons- and so we rarely venture to break those chains, even
if we want to do something badly, really badly.

I have been talking about making a movie for years.
I thought I needed a duffel bag full of money and a lot of friends
in the movie industry. Meanwhile, I had an idea for a movie for
such a long time that scenes from it woul play in my mind and drive
me crazy at night. So, I had a choicemake a movie or go insane…

So I am making a movie. And you can, too. Come up with
an idea that is suitable for low-budget, or as in my case, no-budget,
production. Then start talking to your friends, hash the idea around
a little bit, put all your resources on the table and commit to
making a movie. Then see what happens. Just like I am doing right
now. Let go of the outcome and just try to make a movie. Then you
can write this article. Stay tuned. MM

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