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Taso Lagos

Stories By Taso Lagos

  • Articles - Acting

    Bullets as a Gimmick

    By April 5, 1994

    “You want what?” The voice on the other end of the phone asked, politely, but obviously...

  • Articles - Acting

    American Messiah

    By March 3, 1994

    Three in the morning is always a great time to think. No distractions. It’s you and...

  • Articles - Acting

    Making a Movie, Cont.

    By February 3, 1994

    So what do you do with 30,000 feet of film? I am supposed to keep telling...

  • Articles - Acting

    Providence Comes Through

    By January 3, 1994

    Part 1, Part 2 The dream began like this. I was once a little boy in...

  • Articles - Acting

    Making Movies

    By December 4, 1993

    I am making a movie. Not just a little movie, but a feature length one. And...

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