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Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in Don't Look Up, from writer-director Adam McKay. Photo by Niko Tavernise/Netflix

Jonah Hill is going to play the late Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia in a new Martin Scorsese movie; Don’t Look Up star Leonardo DiCaprio shares thoughts about the end of the world; a Kurt Vonnegut doc four decades in the making is here; and a cute-yet-dark, C’mon C’mon anecdote from writer-director Mike Mills. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

Unstuck in Time: Emmy-winning Curb Your Enthusiasm director Robert Weide asked Kurt Vonnegut back in 1982 if he could make a documentary about him. It’s finally out today. We talk with Weide about Vonnegut’s deceptively plain writing, attempt to read his own obituary, and unusual fax signature in the latest episode of MovieMaker:

Jonah Meets Jerry: Jonah Hill is set to play the late great Jerry Garcia in an upcoming Grateful Dead biopic directed by Martin Scorsese, according to Variety. The two crazy kids are also producing the film together, reuniting on a project for the first time since 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street. 

The End Is Near: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Adam McKay all attended a screening of their new Netflix killer comet comedy Don’t Look Up on Thursday night in Los Angeles. The gaggle of A-Listers (especially Leo) had some jokes to tell about the end of the world — that’s what the movie is about — and how if we don’t do something about climate change, that’s where we might be heading. The aforementioned Jonah Hill is also in this movie, as is our beloved Timothée Chalamet, but neither of them made it to the Q&A last night (sad face).

Leo Says: “I’m a Debbie Downer when it comes to this issue.”

jonah hill says cut it out don't look up

“Just cut it out, pollution, OK?” Love, Jonah Hill

But He’s Hopeful: The actor and avid climate change activist also said in the Q&A: “Hopefully, films like this that recreate the narrative and start to create different conversations and more people talking about it will push the private sector and the powers that be to make massive changes. But right now though, we have such a limited amount of time and there’s such massive scale that needs to happen so quickly. And if we don’t do something, we know the outcome.”

When the World Ends: Don’t say DiCaprio didn’t warn you.

Out Today: The new Joaquin Phoenix movie C’mon C’mon hits theaters today in the U.S., and writer-director Mike Mills told us a story about how one cute — and kind of dark, if we’re being honest — moment in the movie was actually inspired by the young daughter of The National’s Aaron Dessner. He and his twin brother Bryce Dessner, both of whom are members of The National, composed the score for the movie.

ScarJo Hearts Marvel: There’s no bad blood between Scarlett Johansson and Marvel since her lawsuit against Disney over her Black Widow compensation was settled. In fact, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige teased “another non-Black Widow-related top-secret Marvel Studios project with her as a producer” at an American Cinematheque tribute in her honor held Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No word yet on what that top-secret project is, but stay tuned.

Run, Don’t Walk: To your nearest music streaming app, because the new album 30 by Adele, who sang the theme song to the James Bond film Skyfall and is therefore relevant to this newsletter, is officially out. Her CBS special One Night Only, which features her performing a very special concert at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, aired last month, but you can still stream it on Paramount Plus, Hulu Plus Live TV, YouTube TV, or Fubo.

We’ll Leave You With This: Here’s Adele singing a song from her new album in a very endearing, low-key video that looks like it was shot in her living room on her iPhone, proving that she is absolutely devastating in any situation ever.

Main Image: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in Don’t Look Up, from writer-director Adam McKay. Photo by Niko Tavernise/Netflix.

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