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As the film and television industry continues to expand, so do career opportunities within its various fields. In fact, according to the Motion Picture Association Theme Report, the global theatrical and home/mobile entertainment market grossed over $80 billion in 2020. With the global number encompassing physical, digital, and theatrical means for entertainment, it can be challenging to pinpoint a career niche within the growing industry. 

Located in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University prepares its students with the knowledge and hands-on industry experience to help identify their niche within a field that they are already passionate about. The university offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs in film and television. 








Each program is reviewed with insights shared from a program advisory committee (PAC) to ensure students are prepared to work in their field of interest. These degree programs include: 

—The Digital Cinematography Bachelor’s prepares students for the changing landscape by pairing knowledge of the latest technological tools with a strong foundation in storytelling. Students learn to create dynamic content by emulating the workflow of an actual studio – beginning with script development, production planning, and art design and location shooting, followed by directing, filming, post-production, and finally distribution. 

—Full Sail’s Film Bachelor’s degree program provides students with a comprehensive overview of the industry – while allowing them to discover their unique place within it. Students start by sampling the varied skills and technologies a professional film studio has to offer – from writing to decoration and makeup. Later, students pick an industry-focused specialization based on their interests. 

—In the Film Production MFA, students’ education centers on the fundamentals such as storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical roles, as well as the business strategies needed to bring their completed works to audiences. 

—The Computer Animation Bachelor’s guides students through the same production pipeline used in professional studios – from storyboarding, sketching, and visual development to modeling and character animation, and final compositing. 

—Within the Show Production Bachelor’sstudents become immersed in the world of contemporary audio, lighting, video and concert media design. Throughout the degree program, students gain the knowledge to one day positively impact the live events industry. 

In addition to these standout degree programs, Full Sail University provides several resources meant to support its students as they progress from the classroom to the real world. These resources include:

Graduate Successes 

With 40+ years of education under its belt, Full Sail University has students across the globe positively impacting the growth and span of opportunities available for entertainment and media. For example, at the 93rd annual Oscar Awards, 85 graduates were credited on 21 Oscar-nominated films, and 30 of those graduates were credited on winning projects. Additionally, 214 graduates were credited on 201 nominated projects at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, with four receiving Emmys of their very own. The breadth and depth of graduate successes and award wins continue to grow each year, and as the pool of real-world Full Sail film graduate stories unfold, current students have more and more to be inspired by. 

Full Sail also recognizes its graduates throughout its university community. Each year, the university honors six graduates based on their professional accomplishments by inducting them into the university’s Hall of Fame. This year, the inductees span across film, show production, gaming, media and recording arts, and feature 2006 Film graduate Stephanie Dawson (Producer, WNET Group, PBS Great Performances) and 2000 Show Production graduate Justin Rathbun (A1 and Production Sound Engineer/Broadway Production of Hamilton). In sharing their professional talents, these individuals are continuing to positively impact the industry. 

Because Full Sail graduates can empathize with current students’ professional desires and educational experiences, members of the alumni community often return to host one-on-one conversations, webinars, workshops, and other educational engagements at Full Sail. 

A University-Wide Support System 

In addition to the support from Full Sail graduates, educators at Full Sail have a minimum of four years of relevant hands-on industry experience. This allows them to bring relevant real-world experiences to the classroom as proof of the concepts being learned in a professional setting. 

Once students are nearing graduation, and far beyond graduation, Full Sail’s robust Career Development department aids them in broadening their professional network. The Career Development department dedicates its resources to ensuring that students and graduates are on the road to their desired career paths. 

  • Cutting-Edge Technology and Facilities 

Full Sail University’s 210+ acre campus houses industry standard technology and facilities including a Hollywood-style backlot, film sets, soundstages, dubbing stage, and motion capture studio. The university’s latest film facility addition – the Virtual Production Studio – opened on March 8, 2022. It utilizes Brompton processors for its 40 ft wide and 16 ft high hyper pixel LED wall. The facility will educate students on current technological practices in the film industry, as well as promote collaboration across different industries including, film, gaming, show production and computer animation.

Along with the technology offered on campus, included in tuition, students receive a laptop filled with the industry hardware and software needed to succeed at Full Sail and beyond. The initiative called Project LaunchBoxTM is customized and updated regularly to make sure students are staying on pace with the ever-evolving changes of the film and television industry. 

Full Sail University has the passion, resources and support system embedded into its operations to assist in creating a talent pipeline for the many niche professions within the global multi-billion-dollar film and television industry. Its relevant, real-world, project-based education is preparing the next generation of film and television creators, leaders, and decision-makers.\

Main image: The backlot at Full Sail University, courtesy of Full Sail.