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Climax Festival Internacional de Cinema Independiente
May 22, 2023
Under the artistic direction of Raúl Asensio Diez, renowned journalist and published author, the Climax Festival Internacional de Cinema Independiente
March 24, 2023
Javier Badillo spent his twenties traveling Southeast Asia as part of his punk band, LyMe, soaking up culture and meeting
March 14, 2023
Dallas Harvey lives and designs in a world of oddities. The Vancouver-based filmmaker has worked on projects including giant alien
November 29, 2022
How has technology changed the film industry? From the earliest days of sequential photography to the introduction of sound to
Seagate Lyve™ Mobile Turns Post-Production into Now Production
May 20, 2022
Moviemaking changed dramatically in the last two years as everyone had to embrace more remote work. For all the joys
May 16, 2022
The modern film industry has continuously experienced steady growth since the kinetoscope was successfully demonstrated in the 19th century. Today,
Full Sail University Backlot IMAX1123
March 9, 2022
As the film and television industry continues to expand, so do career opportunities within its various fields. In fact, according
Eric Roberts Kami Sadraei The Sleepless
December 28, 2020
In Tehran in the 1990s, there was a suitcase-carrying, suit-wearing gentleman known simply as the movie guy. He hand-delivered VHS
April 3, 2020
For its third season, the HBO Emmy Award-winning series True Detective needed a location that could capture all the mystery
edmonton film festival
January 30, 2020
The Edmonton International Film Festival was where we were fortunate enough to have the North American premiere of The Gender
July 3, 2019
As the home of Geena Davis’ Bentonville Film Festival — and the latest season of True Detective, Northwest Arkansas boasts