Roman Roy Kieran Culkin Succession
Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy in Succession photo credit: HBO

Succession star Kieran Culkin filled the room with laughter during his adorably flustered acceptance speech at the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday.

Culkin was trending on Twitter Monday because of the bashful speech, during which he channeled his character Roman Roy and showered his co-stars J. Smith-Cameron and Sarah Snook with compliments while playfully telling the audience to “shut up” as they clapped for his best supporting actor in a drama series win.

“Winner. Lowered it, nice,” Culkin, who is 5’6″, joked about the height of the mic stand as he took the stage. “Wow. Thanks! Shut up. Awful. I was just telling Jeremy [Strong] how I really hope they don’t say my name. I was really looking forward to that relief of not having to say anything. I have not prepared anything, so anything can come out.”

After thanking the Critics Choice Association and praising Succession creator and screenwriter Jesse Armstrong, Culkin began to tease Smith-Cameron as he gushed about how much he loves working with her and Sarah Snook, who plays his on-screen sister, Shiv Roy. Smith-Cameron plays Waystar Royco general counsel Gerri Kellman, who shares a strange, on-again-off-again sexual thing with Culkin’s character that fans can’t seem to get enough of.

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“I love you, Snook, so much. I wish you could be here. And you too, J. Shut up,” he teased. “She hates when I single Snook out as someone that I love to work with. So J., I’m going to tell you right now, I think you are probably my favorite actor to do scenes with,” he added, which got a resounding “aww” from the audience — until he tagged on, “after Sarah Snook.”

After a round of giggles and a knowing smile from Smith-Cameron, Culkin began to spill some little-known facts about his cast members.

“Fun fact: Snook’s last name is actually pronounced ‘Snook,'” he said, holding out the long “ooh” sound. “But I just can’t do that. Right? Another fun fact: Matthew Macfadyen’s name is David. I’m just dropping bombs here. It’s true, look it up. I’m just talking now, I’m just saying things,” he joked as Succession’s Cousin Greg, a.k.a. Nicholas Braun, looked on from the audience and shook his head with a smile.

Culkin also thanked HBO content chief Casey Bloys before making his exit.

“I’m just dying up here right now. Yeah, please wrap it up. You’re right. I should have done that 30 seconds ago. I should have walked up here and said ‘thanks’ and walked out, ’cause now I’m just making an ass of myself,” he joked.

You can watch a clip of him giving the speech below. Also, just look at the hug and cheek kiss he got from Brian Cox on his way up to the stage. Logan Roy would never, and it warms this reporter’s heart.

Season 3 of Succession is now streaming on HBO Max. Main Image: Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy in Succession  — Photo Credit: HBO