Who Was Samuel L. Bronkowitz?

Credit: United Film Distribution Company

The phrase “A Samuel L. Bronkowitz Production” appears during many of the fake movies and trailers in Kentucky Fried Movie. He is not a real person.

Kentucky Fried Movie producer Bob Weiss said that because the ZAZ team and Landis were “unknowns” when they were making the film, they would often be refused equipment like dollies, cranes and lighting — or charged a premium for it.

“So the guys came up with the idea of naming our production company Samuel L. Bronkowitz Productions, a name they just made up” Weiss said in Surely You Can’t Be Serious.

The name sounded Old Hollywood enough to give the production a hollow feeling of legitimacy. Weiss recalled that he once gave the company name to a woman at a costume company, and she replied, “Gee, is he still making pictures?”

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