They Loved Jokes Involving Girl Scouts

United Film Distribution Company

One of the film’s highlights is the ridiculous kung-fu parody A Fistful of Yen. The film-within-a-film that devolves into a Wizard of Oz parody. The Wizard of Oz sequence ends with martial arts master Loo (Evan C. Kim, above), dressed as Dorothy, turning to the camera and suggests that people don’t need to search far for happiness.

“You can always look for happiness, but there is really no need to look past your own front door,” he says. “There are plenty of things that you can do right here in your own community. You can visit a dairy and see how milk is handled and prepared for delivery. Or plan a series of window displays on home safety. Or help start a library. Or discuss with your dentist what you can do to make your teeth more attractive.”

Those suggestions are from the Girl Scout Handbook, and were included in the Kentucky Fried Theater program on a page entitled, “Things to do after the show.” They never explained the origin of the suggestions.

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