Jamie Lee Curtis Signs Contract Promising No More Halloween Films on Kimmel

Jamie Lee Curtis is well aware that not everyone thinks Halloween Ends, the third film in her new Halloween trilogy, is really the last time she’ll battle Michael Myers. But she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she really is done playing Laurie Strode — and even signed a contract Kimmel drew up for her.

Halloween Ends, which picks up where Halloween Kills very brutally left off, is in theaters today. Kimmel noted on Tuesday’s show that Curtis appeared to die at the end of the 1998 film Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later — a film that the new trilogy ignores. So who’s to say she’s really done this time? Curtis said she was calling it quits “with a definitive flourish,” but Kimmel wanted more.

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“Would you be willing to sign a document telling us the following: ‘I declare this is my last Halloween movie. I, Jamie Lee Curtis, Queen of Scream, daughter of Janet Lee and Tony Curtis, mother of Lindsay Lohan, hereby sweareth under penalty of perjury Halloween Ends (2022) will be the last Halloween movie I’ll ever appear for all-time, across all sequels and multiverses, enforceable by the police department of Haddonfield, Illinois. And May God have mercy on us all. Baba booey,” Kimmel read.

“Remember this is legally binding,” Kimmel said, as she prepared to sign. She looked to the audience, and several people shouted “Noooo!” She paused dramatically, adding, “I should call my lawyer first, before I sign anything, but…” And then she signed her name. Kimmel held up the document.

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“There it is, folks. That’s her signature as far as I know,” he said. “We’ll get this to the legal team at Myers and Myers and they’ll handle it from here.” (You can watch here or above.)

Also: No, Jamie Lee Curtis is not Lindsay Lohan’s mom. She just played her mom in the 2003 Freaky Friday remake. As far as we know she is not legally barred from making a sequel to that one.

Halloween Ends is in theaters today and streams on Peacock Friday.

Main image: Jimmy Kimmel holds the contract declaring Jamie Lee Curtis will not make any more Halloween movies.