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Is The Crown Factual? What’s Real and What’s Made Up

Is The Crown Factual? What’s Real and What’s Made Up

Did Diana Use Lord Mountbatten death to get to Charles?

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Did Charles Really Say He Was in Love with Diana Spencer — “Whatever ‘in Love’ Means”? 

He sure did — in the same post-engagement interview in which he and Diana talked about how they first met. You can watch it here.


Did Charles really say whatever in love means

That post-engagement news conference unfortunately went down pretty much just as The Crown portrayed it.

So, is The Crown factual? We guess it depends on how much factualness you insist on. But given the endless gossip about the Royal family, you could easily do worse than The Crown if you’re looking to understand what really happened to the characters depicted on the Netflix series.

The Crown Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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