Did Diana Really Use Lord Mountbatten’s Death to Get to Charles?

Is The Crown factual when it suggests Diana had an ulterior motive for offering Charles her sympathy? The show leaves open to interpretation whether Diana is sincerely offering condolences, trying to get Charles’ attention, or a little of both when she steps in front of his car to offer her well-wishes about the death of his father figure.

While it is true that Diana did console Charles, and that their relationship moved forward from there, it didn’t happen as The Crown portrayed it, according to The Duchess: The Untold Story, by Penny Junor.

“They were both weekend guests of Robert and Philippa de Pass at Petworth in Sussex. Charles was playing polo at Cowdray Park and after the game, everyone went back to the house for a barbecue,” Junor wrote. “Sitting next to him on a hay bale, Diana said, ‘You looked so sad when you walked up the aisle at Lord Mountbatten’s funeral. It was the most tragic thing I’ve ever seen. My heart bled for you when I watched. I thought it’s wrong, you’re lonely – you should be with somebody to look after you.’”

Did Diana Use Lord Mountbatten's death to get to Charles?

Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles and Emma Corrin as Diana Spencer in The Crown.