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5 Frank Sheeran Stories The Irishman Left Out

5 Frank Sheeran Stories The Irishman Left Out

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The Doubts

Harvard Law School professor Jack L. Goldsmith, the stepson of Charles “Chuckie” O’Brien (played by Jesse Plemons in The Irishman) told Vanity Fair that “there’s absolutely no basis for Sheeran’s claim and a lot of reasons to think it’s preposterous.” His new book, In Hoffa’s Shadow, offers a different account of the Jimmy Hoffa story than you’ll get from I Heard You Paint Houses or The Irishman.

Author and investigative reporter Vince Wade recently wrote for The Daily Beast that Sheeran’s stories get several details provably wrong, including that Salvatore “Sally Bugs” Briguglio had “thick, curly black hair”—Wade says it was sandy brown and not curly— and that the Machus Red Fox restaurant, a key locale in Hoffa’s disappearance, was not “set back quite a way in the parking lot” as Sheeran asserts in I Heard You Paint Houses.

In the same Daily Beast story, investigative reporter Dan Moldea said he once told De Niro not to trust Sheeran’s account, telling him, “Bob, you are being conned.”

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