De Niro Believes Frank Sheeran

De Niro says he wasn’t conned.

“Dan is a well-respected writer. I met him in D.C. for a writers thing where they get together every year. He said that we’re getting conned. I wasn’t getting conned,” the actor told IndieWire. “I have no problem with people disagreeing. He of course is an authority on Hoffa and everything else. As Marty says, ‘We’re not saying we’re telling the actual story. We’re telling our story. I believed it.’”

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In a recent Directors Guild of America interview with Spike Lee, Scorsese made it clear that he isn’t deeply concerned with whether Sheeran’s account of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa is true.

“When I took on the picture, I made it very clear… I’m not interested,” Scorsese said. “We know he’s gone. How did he go, meaning what brought him to that point, is more interesting to me. And it’s really about the closeness, the friendship, the trust, and all that sort of thing.”

The Irishman kangaroo

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