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5 Frank Sheeran Stories The Irishman Left Out

5 Frank Sheeran Stories The Irishman Left Out

Frank Sheeran The Irishman Jimmy Hoffa

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The Joe Louis Incident

When Hoffa stood trial in 1957 on a bribery charge, his fate depended on eight black jurors and four white jurors. In an attempt to pander to the African-American jurors, he arranged for boxer Joe Lous to fly to the trial and embrace Hoffa in front of the jurors.

“Jimmy had never met Joe Louis before the trial, only the jury didn’t know that,” Sheeran says.

Hoffa was acquitted. There’s no telling if the jurors cared about Joe Louis’ appearance, or if they just didn’t think Hoffa was guilty.

This story checks out, by the way. Time Magazine wrote in 1957: “When Hoffa was arrested and tried on bribery and conspiracy charges before a jury of eight Negroes and four whites, Hoffa’s good “friend,” ex-Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Louis, made a conspicuous show of himself in the courtroom.” 

Here’s the real Jimmy Hoffa:

Jimmy Hoffa The Irishman

Jimmy Hoffa

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