It’s possible to explore the vast infiniteness of space without ever leaving the ground, thanks to Felix & Paul Studios’ immersive virtual reality experience Space Explorers: THE INFINITE.

In the sixth episode of Inside Felix & Paul Studios called Creating Interactive Immersive Experiences, audiences can discover how the Studio took a big leap from their acclaimed cinematic VR productions into the uncharted world of location-based VR experiences.

All About Episode 6 of Inside Felix & Paul Studios

The episode unveils how the award-winning series Space Explorers: The ISS Experience laid the groundwork for Space Explorers: THE INFINITE, a VR experience that allows participants to explore a 360 degree model of the International Space Station and outer space as if they were really there. Diving deep into how the studio brings to life interactive free-roaming experiences, Episode 6 also addresses how location-based VR experiences will play a role in the future of immersive entertainment.

One of the Studio’s first interactive projects in production was the augmented reality storybook Jim Henson’s The Storyteller — The Seven Ravens, which premiered in competition at the Venice International Film Festival in August 2023. To pull it off, the team needed to bring in experienced people from the video game industry. At the same time, the Studio was also creating its cinematic VR experience Space Explorers: The ISS Experience. The combination of the new team’s experience with real-time production inspired the merging of both cinematic and interactive VR, in the location-based experience, Space Explorers: THE INFINITE.

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After overcoming a steep learning curve and enduring many challenges, the success of Space Explorers: THE INFINITE — which has seen over 300,000 visitors — the Studio has found a path into the future of location-based, immersive entertainment  experiences. 

Commemorating its 10-year anniversary, the eight-episode series by Felix & Paul Studios uncovers its history of pioneering storytelling and developing hardware and firmware tools that didn’t previously exist. 

The series is presented by Canon and shot using Canon’s RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens and the EOS R5 C camera.

Inside Felix and Paul Studios was written, directed and edited by Kalina Bertin and Ashley Duong. It was produced by Katarina Soukup and executive produced by Stéphane Rituit. Martin Gros and Daniele Tomelleri were the directors of photography, with original music by Jean-Olivier Bégin. Lajeunesse and Raphaël serve as creative prod

You can watch Inside Felix & Paul Studios Episode 6: Creating Interactive Immersive Experiences in full above or on YouTube and MetaQuest. You can watch the trailer for the episode here.