Have you ever wondered how footage from 360 cameras is transformed into cinematic VR?

In episode 5 of the behind-the-scenes series Inside Felix & Paul Studios called Making Magic with VR Post-Production, the Studio that created the first ever cinematic VR film, “Strangers with Patrick Watson,” and brought you an immersive tour of the White House with the Obamas in “The People’s House” showcases its post-production team and the process that turns raw, 360-degree footage into awe-inspiring VR experiences.

Through immersive demonstrations, the episode details the post-production process, unveiling the complex art of compositing and shaping each frame pixel by pixel. Viewers will learn how everyday life filmed inside the International Space Station (ISS) for the Emmy Award-winning Space Explorers series is transformed into a compelling narrative through a painstaking editing process. 

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Watch Inside Felix & Paul Studios Episode 5 Above

One of the artists featured in this week’s episode is Jeremy Bazin, the Compositing Supervisor at Felix & Paul Studios.

“What we do is black magic. We are taking images and we are assembling them all together to create an image that when you see it in the headset, it will just transport you. Being on the ISS is not something that is accessible to a lot of people, and that’s what we create here,” Bazin says.

The episode also sheds light on the crucial role of post-production management, where precision and timing are key, and meticulous attention to detail is required to bring the smallest details to life. The extensive work that goes into visual effects is revealed in a uniquely challenging VR environment. 

Commemorating its 10-year anniversary, the eight-episode series by Felix & Paul Studios uncovers its history of pioneering storytelling and developing hardware and firmware tools that didn’t previously exist. 

The series is presented by Canon and shot using Canon’s RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens and the EOS R5 C camera.

Inside Felix and Paul Studios was written, directed and edited by Kalina Bertin and Ashley Duong. It was produced by Katarina Soukup and executive produced by Stéphane Rituit. Martin Gros and Daniele Tomelleri were the directors of photography, with original music by Jean-Olivier Bégin. Lajeunesse and Raphaël serve as creative producers.

The final three episodes of Inside Felix and Paul Studios will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Watch the trailer for Episode 5 here.

Main Image: A still from Inside Felix & Paul Studios Episode 5