Jenn Wexler (The Ranger)

On the Frontières Film Market

I came [to Frontières] in 2015 just to watch people pitch and see how it all happened, so that was super helpful in developing the materials I would submit the following year. We were very excited to find out we got in, so we came. Larry Fessenden, who runs Glass Eye Pix, pitched the project with me. The way it works at Frontières is that you’re pitching to a room full of industry people and finance people. We created a teaser to show.

Frontières is just the coolest thing. It’s run by awesome ladies who are super supportive of filmmakers and help share their visions with the rest of the industry. It was our first time showing the project to anyone beyond the people within Glass Eye, and we ended up meeting Andrew van den Houten, who produced some of my favorite horror movies like The Woman and Jug Face. By the end of the market we decided that Glass Eye and his company Hood River Entertainment would team up to make The Ranger.

Jenn Wexler at The Ranger premiere. Photograph by Julie Delisle, courtesy of Fantasia Film Festival.

On Making a Punk Film

I grew up in suburbia where everybody was trying to be as normal as possible. As a teenager when I started going to punk shows, I began to realize that there was another world out there. When it came time to make the concept, I was thinking about all these colors and things when I was younger. When we pitched at Frontières, we were firing on all cylinders. We said, “We’re gonna throw punk shows where we’re gonna show The Ranger! And there will be a VR component!” Hopefully we’re still going to do all of these things.