FESTIVAL BEGINS IN 2008 Some of the best filmmakers in the world may never get noticed because they couldn’t shoot their movie in a format that they could afford. The Digital Video Festival, a bold anarchist move to promote the world of film-making in the new digital format.EVERYONE has a DV camera!EVERYONE wants to be a star! The DVF has been established to bring these two together by giving futurist writers, producers & directors the opportunity to showcase their talents utilizing equipment they can financially afford, while still producing creative stories & ideas that will leave the audience in standing and ovation.Every revolution begins with it’s first act of defiance.TRULY GREAT FILMS PRODUCED ALL DIGITALFocusing on creative works shot in only Digital, Video & High Definition formats, the DVF is a full featured 7-day movie festival recognizing the best Narratives, Documentaries, Music Videos & Animations in friendly competition.Established in 2003 and rock-solid plans for growth for its fifth year of 2008, the DVF is destined to be one of the largest film-festivals in the USA encouraging filmmakers of all genre to submit their work to be exalted as the best films ever shot in Digital.As digital film technology improves visually and audibly, we want to encourage all those who may be dispirited to never give up your Hollywood dreams and in no way be discouraged because of the format you may have chosen.To those who support and shoot in digital format, aspiring to be a true ‘film’-maker someday with a multi-million dollar budget, always remember… IT’S THE CONTENT THAT COUNTS!