David Guillod

David Guillod, the Hollywood executive who is awaiting trial on 21 rape and sexual assault-related charges, is now the target of a New Jersey civil suit filed by a woman who says he assaulted her when they were in high school in 1985.

Guillod, a manager and producer whose credits including Atomic Blonde and Extraction, faces the 21 felony charges in the Santa Barbara County criminal case, involving six women he is accused of assaulting between 2012 and this October. The charges include rape of an unconscious person and kidnapping to commit rape.

Guillod has denied any wrongdoing and has continuously proclaimed his innocence. A representative for Guillod who has handled his criminal cases told MovieMaker on Friday that he remains in jail and could not immediately be reached for comment.

The new civil case was filed in Bergen County, New Jersey on Thursday by a woman identified as Jane Doe to protect her anonymity. She is represented by attorney Brian Kent of Laffey, Bucci and Kent, LLP, who says this case shows that Guillod’s “sexual victimization of women dates back decades.”

“Our client is one woman who joins others who have been brave enough to speak out and put an end to Mr. Guillod’s abuse of power and decades-long exploitation and violation of women,” Kent told MovieMaker.

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The plaintiff says she was about 16 and Guillod about 18 when he assaulted her. She says they talked for about 10 minutes at a party, where she believes he was intoxicated, and that he then offered to walk her home. The suit says that as they walked “past their high school and through a park, which was darker and more secluded,” he kissed her.

“Within seconds, Defendant Guillod pushed Plaintiff Jane Doe down onto the grass, pulled her shorts down around her ankles, and forcefully pinned her shorts and legs down onto the ground using his knees, shins, and/or feet. Plaintiff, much smaller in height and weight, could not move her body. Plaintiff, shocked and afraid, told Defendant, ‘Wait! Wait! Wait!'” the complaint states.

“Without hesitation or pause, Defendant Guillod then inserted his erect penis into Plaintiff’s vagina without her consent. Plaintiff cried and repeatedly told him, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ Despite her pleas, Defendant continued to penetrate Plaintiff’s vagina for approximately up to one minute,” the suit continues.

“Defendant then stopped, became agitated, and asked Plaintiff, ‘What is the problem?’ Plaintiff continued to cry and sob. Defendant got up from the ground and then walked away,” the suit says.

The suit says Guillod exhibited a “willful disregard for the rights, interests, and safety of Plaintiff, who was completely defenseless” and caused her to “suffer physical injuries and severe emotional distress, including depression, stress, anxiety, a loss of self of self, diminished life experiences, difficulty trusting others, humiliation, and ongoing mental, physical, and emotional harm.”

Guillod is accused in the suit of assault and battery, negligence, infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment. The plaintiff is seeking a jury trial and unspecified punitive damages.

The first accusations against Guillod came to light when actress Jessica Barth told TheWrap that Guillod, her former manager, assaulted her in 2012. He was later accused of assaulting another woman in December 2014, and two more women a month later. Those accusations formed the basis of the Santa Barbara case.

He was initially charged with 11 felony counts in Santa Barbara involving those four women. Prosecutors later added four counts of rape and sodomy related to an alleged October 2018 attack on another woman, according to court records.

Last month, a 21-year-old woman, whose name was not released, reported that Guillod sexually assaulted her during an evening meeting, and he was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of sexual assault — while on bail for the Santa Barbara case. The charges in that case have been rolled into the Santa Barbara case.

Kent said his lawsuit was made possible, in part, by extensions of the statutes of limitations in New Jersey.

“This case is also an example of how statute of limitations reform for sexual assault survivors is necessary in order for survivors to have their voices heard as this case would not have been possible without such reform in New Jersey, and our client is grateful to the legislature for recognizing survivors rights and needs,” he said.

The LAPD has asked that any David Guillod victims who have not come forward call the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Divison at 213-486-6910.

Main image: David Guillod’s mugshot in the Santa Barbara case.