Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) – Outstanding film and media studies

Red Deer College (Red Deer, Alberta) – Outstanding film production training 

Ryerson University (Toronto, Ontario) – Outstanding documentary training 

Toronto Film School (Toronto, Ontario) – Outstanding film production training

Students will learn from currently active moviemakers who have worked on films including Black Panther, The Shape of Water and Beauty and the Beast as they study every aspect of filmmaking — from shooting to blocking to lighting to editing. Working in Toronto puts them in the center of one of the world’s great film hubs, where opportunities abound. The film production program covers every stage of moviemaking, from pre-production through post, to encourage a holistic approach that doesn’t skimp on any aspect of producing. And, perhaps most importantly, students learn to make films on budget and schedule.

University of British Columbia’s Department of Theatre and Film (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Outstanding production training

The Vancouver area lured plenty of Hollywood productions during the pandemic, with $3.1 billion pouring into the city’s economy. This excellent program is in the center of it all. UBC’s renowned theatre training creates the perfect environment for aspiring production designers to gain real-world experience on department productions, practicing set, lighting, sound and projection design, while studying history and theory in classrooms. Once students graduate with a BFA in theatre design and production, they’re in a perfect location to score jobs on the set of dozens of TV shows and films shooting in the production hub.

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Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Outstanding 3D animation and VFX training

This 12-month, production-focused program is described as “a non-stop sprint to graduation,” by Colin Giles, head of the School of Animation and VFX at VFS, who tells MovieMaker the experience is “almost exclusively hands-on.” Notable alumni include Lino DiSalvo, who served as head of animation on Disney’s Frozen, and Neill Blomkamp, whose visually dazzling sci-fi films include District 9. Others have gone on to create VFX for Game of Thrones, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wonder Woman, and many more blockbuster film, TV and video game projects. After students narrow their focus to animation, modeling or VFX, they are mentored by experienced faculty through the process of creating a demo reel that will be showcased at the end of the year during an industry night that attracts professionals ready to hire. “No other post-secondary institution provides better training, more hand-son industry production experience, and better professional mentorship than VFS,” Giles adds. “Our fast, comprehensive and industry-acclaimed education delivers in-depth knowledge and shapes our students’ talents into marketable skills that get them hired in the entertainment and creative technology worlds.”

York University (Toronto, Ontario) – Outstanding film production training

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