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Jan 1999, No. 32
Boxing Movies (cover), Jackie Chan

Apr 1999, No. 33
James Coburn (cover), Preston Sturges

Jul 1999, No. 34
Stanley Kubrick (cover), Shooting Australia


Oct 1999, No. 35
Tami Reiker, Ellen Kuras (cover), Latino Moviemakers

Dec 1999, No. 36
Kimberly Peirce (cover), David Bowie, Atom Egoyan



Jan 1998, No. 27
Bridget Fonda (cover), Budd Boetticher

Apr 1998, No. 28
McKenna, Duffy, Hightman (cover), Martin Scorsese

Jul 1998, No. 29
Roger Deakins (cover), Gwyneth Paltrow


Oct 1998, No. 30
Peter Broderick (cover), Billy Bob Thornton

Dec 1998, No. 31
Bryan Singer (cover), Rod Steiger, Akira Kurosawa



Feb 1997, No. 23
John Travolta (cover), Richard Linklater

Mar 1997, No. 24
Kenneth Brannagh (cover), The Coen Brothers

Jul 1997, No. 25
Kelly Lynch (cover), Marisa Tomei, Mira Nair


Oct 1997, No. 26
Julianne Moore (cover), Wim Wenders



Jan/Feb 1996, No. 17
Tim Roth (cover), Guillermo Navarro

Mar/Apr 1996, No. 18
John Frankenheimer (cover), Thelma Schoonmaker

May/Jun 1996, No. 19
Harvey Keitel (cover), Chow Yun-Fat


Jul/Aug 1996, No. 20
Adrienne Shelly (cover), John Sayles

Sep/Oct 1996, No. 21
Samuel L. Jackson (cover), Stewart Copeland

Nov/Dec 1996, No. 22
Jim Thompson (cover), Baz Luhrmann



Jan/Feb 1995, No. 11
Alan Rudolph (cover), Female Filmmakers, Brando

Mar/Apr 1995, No. 12
Oliver Stone (cover), Cassavetes, Linklater

May/Jun 1995, No. 13
Merchant & Ivory (cover), Hartley, Campion


Jul/Aug 1995, No. 14
Henry Jaglom (cover), John Milius, Parker Posey

Sep/Oct 1995, No. 15
Mira Sorvino (cover), Robert Rodriguez

Nov/Dec 1995, No. 16
Jodie Foster (cover), Werner Herzog



Jan 1994, No. 2
Defending Movie Violence (cover), Ron Bass

Feb 1994, No. 3
Super-8 (cover), Mike Leigh, Seattle Indie

Mar 1994, No. 4
Steven Spielberg (cover), Ben Stiller, NW Film


Apr 1994, No. 5
Roman Polanski (cover), Hugh Grant, Peter Coyote

May 1994, No. 6
John Lennon (cover), Location Wars, Henry Jaglon

Jun 1994, No. 7
How to Avoid Distribution Hell (cover), Vittorio Storaro


Aug 1994, No. 8
Janet Leigh (cover), Short Film Marketing

Sep 1994, No. 9
Walter Hill (cover), Milos Forman, John Sayles

Oct 1994, No. 10
Woody Allen (cover), Ed Wood, Faye Dunaway



Premier – Dec 1993, No. 1
Ross McElwee (cover), John Cullum, Northern Exposure


2010s | 2000s | 1990s

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