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January 11, 2016
Claiming that The Hero’s Journey is dead just after the opening weekend of Star Wars: The Force Awakens may seem a bit foolish. How could anyone question a worldwide phenomenon worth uncounted billions?
April 17, 2015
I caught up with the current head of Amazon Studios, Roy Price. His answers to these and other questions were inspiring for anyone who has been frustrated by the current climate in Hollywood.
June 26, 2014
From roles in fan favorites like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to writing and directing indie passion projects like The End of Love, Mark Webber has truly proved himself a Swiss army knife of moviemaking talent. Along with his recent role in fellow indie hero Joe Swanberg’s Happy Christmas, Webber’s new film The Ever After recently premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Moviemaker sat down with Mark to talk about his recent collaborations and working both sides of the camera.
June 25, 2014
Melanie Lynskey’s latest role is as Kelly, the former novelist turned homemaker, in Joe Swanberg’s upcoming improvised drama-dy Happy Christmas.