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Steve McQueen The Thomas Crown Affair
June 12, 2021
Here is an appreciation of actor Steve McQueen from our archives, originally published on Nov 8, 1999.  Something always ate
May 30, 2008
Warner Bros. is celebrating its 85th anniversary with something they are calling the Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set,
December 7, 2007
Favorite of the Month: Jesus of Montreal (1989) This French Canadian film is a witty and provocative interpretation of Jesus’
November 6, 2007
Favorite of the month: The TV Set (2007) What could be more fun than watching Sigourney Weaver as a stone-hearted
October 16, 2007
Favorite of the Month: The Lives of Others (2006) A story of surveillance and intrigue set during the finals days
September 23, 2004
Rupert Murdoch, George W. Bush and Al Franken “star” in Robert Greenwald’s Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism Here is
January 28, 2004
Robert Shaw, Robert Redford and Paul Newman aren’t all in on The Sting (1973), directed by George Roy Hill. When
September 11, 1999
Wexler (right): Even his lesser films are well worth watching. WHEN HASKELL WEXLER WON the 1966 Best Cinematography Oscar for
April 14, 1999
Reversal of Fortune (1990) For decades studio executives have searched for a fool-proof money- making formula, and they’ve tried everything
April 5, 1999
With Nick Nolte on the set of Affliction. Every film Paul Schrader has ever made has failed. That is not
April 1, 1999
“Kubrick can’t die,” said Carmen Ficarra, my friend and fellow writer for this magazine, “because every 80 years he has
December 1, 1998
The press nicknamed him "The Emperor," and when Akira Kurosawa died in September, his seat on the throne as reigning
July 1, 1998
Almendros in Action. When I think of cinematographer Nestor Almendros’s work on Sophie’s Choice, I see Meryl Streep’s translucent skin.
April 4, 1998
Cyclo The Best Cyclo – There is not a wasted image in this film from Vietnamese director Hung Tran Anh
July 1, 1997
A couple of months ago I began an alphabetical journey through the work of the world’s great moviemakers, revisiting classics
June 1, 1996
The first scene should give you a woody: Sam on The Big One. In the new Independent Film Channel documentary,
September 2, 1995
With Banderas on Desperados: Don’t wash your problems away with a money hose, do it with your imagination. Russ Thompson
June 1, 1995
Jane Campion, director of An Angel at my Table. Jane Campion, Agnieszka Holland, Nancy Savoca, Gillian Armstrong, and Kathryn Bigelow
April 9, 1995
John Cassavetes once said, “This picture, this picture—I don’t give a fuck what anybody says.   If you don’t have time to
January 2, 1995
"We’ve got to eat away at ourselves until there’s nothing left but appetite." So says one junkie to another in
September 8, 1994
According to a recent New Yorker profile, the door to director Oliver Stone’s office is decorated with the following legend,