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February 20, 2014
Reality Bites, that seminal early-’90s snapshot of post-college love and ennui, turns 20 years old this week, first premiering February 18, 1994. We dug out an interview with director Ben Stiller from way back when (no joke. It was original published in MovieMaker’s fourth issue ever, March 1994; see pictures below for proof). Here you go, folks – relive an era.
September 7, 1999
Preston Tylk Preston Tylk Writer/Director Jon Bokenkamp demonstrates a keen eye for the nature of desire and regret in his […]
April 1, 1998
Where The Elephant Sits Homo Heights Any film with a title like this has got to have its day on […]
December 1, 1995
Figgis: Personally, he likes it dirty. (With Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue on the Leaving Las Vegas set). Super 16mm […]
November 1, 1994
Faye Dunaway continues to raise eyebrows for her unconventional roles and startling characterizations.
November 1, 1994
We’ve seen them for years in every action film or television episode ever aired, but most of us would be […]
September 1, 1994
In writer/director Tim Hines’s latest film, House of the Rising, the running time of one hundred minutes means just that-one […]
September 1, 1994
The most liberal country in the world has the same low rate (of heroin users) as one of the most […]
August 12, 1994
It may have been Norma Shearer who was credited with "discovering" her when she signed with MGM in 1946, but […]
May 9, 1994
This interview took place at the US premiere of BackBeat in Park City, Utah during the 1994 Sundance Film Festival […]
May 6, 1994
"I said I liked it, I didn’t say I wanted to kiss it.”—Gloria Grahame to Humphrey Bogart, In a Lonely […]
April 12, 1994
I was fifteen the year Roman Polanski’s Chinatown came to the screen. My grandmother had been a dancer in the […]
April 11, 1994
"Eternity for me began one fall day in Paris…" So speaks Peter Coyote’s latest character, Oscar, in Roman Polanski’s Bitter […]
April 10, 1994
Easier? Why? Grant slips into a "DeNiro-esque” street twang for this answer.  "Well, you know Americans are kinda looser, you […]