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October 1, 1994
“We go to the movies because a picture is playing there. Griffith knew that and said it repeatedly, but always […]
September 9, 1994
According to a recent New Yorker profile, the door to director Oliver Stone’s office is decorated with the following legend, […]
August 14, 1994
In Hollywood, where everyone’s, writing a screenplay, your odds of selling a script are about as good as winning the […]
August 10, 1994
Early on in Barcelona, the new film from writer-producer-director Whit Stillman, Ted Boynton reveals to his cousin Fred that he […]
May 5, 1994
The movies been very good at capturing the spinit of rock and roll, and that’s one of the reasons that […]
April 8, 1994
Here I am, in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, where Hollywood has spent the last week throwing one […]
March 6, 1994
The Academy Award nominations have been announced, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, they were dominated by Steven Spielberg, whose […]
February 8, 1994
Like his movies, British filmmaker Mike Leigh is confrontational and acerbic, with a dark wit and strong opinions. But Leigh, […]
February 6, 1994
For better or worse, movies are the closest thing we’ve got to a cultural Rorshak test. Like Rorshak’s inkblots, movies […]
January 9, 1994
Success doesn’t exactly come easy to Ron Bass, but Bass, the co-writer and co-producer of The Joy Luck Club and […]
January 7, 1994
In recent years, a surprising number of directors from Australia have washed up on Hollywood’s shores to find commercial and personal success.
December 6, 1993
As those of you who are hardcore cineastes probably know, "High and Low," the headline for this inaugural Freeze Frame, […]