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December 9, 2008
MOVIEMAKER TIP OF THE WEEK: Move to Los Angeles! People around the country often ask me what one thing they
December 2, 2008
MOVIEMAKER TIP OF THE WEEK: Wet your monsters! Almost any prosthetic effect looks better and more realistic when it’s wet,
November 25, 2008
MovieMaker Tip of the Week: Make three shots lists! When I’m directing a movie, I’m a big believer in preparation.
November 18, 2008
MOVIEMAKER TIP OF THE WEEK Never hesitate to fire someone! One crap cog in a production can bring the whole
November 11, 2008
HELLS YEAH! This was perhaps my favorite episode of all to make I really felt like I was directing for
November 4, 2008
This week fucked me up! The girls who I thought were at the front of the bus—Michelle, Sarah and Tanedra—were
February 3, 2007
Hollywood screenwriting isn’t just about writing. It’s about being able to listen to the desires of the director, the actors,
March 21, 2006
We were about halfway through shooting SLiTHER. The current location was a quaint, two-story house in Langley, British Columbia, about