NFMLA Warner Bros. Discovery NewNarratives

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) and Warner Bros. Discovery’s OneFifty just announced a second season of NewNarratives, their program to discover emerging artists from around the globe cultivated by NFMLA in the last 15 years.

NewNarratives will award a grant to at least one artist to support the development of a new project. The funded project will also be introduced by OneFifty to the Warner Bros. Discovery family of companies for further development consideration. Program applications are open to members of NFMLA today, with a submission deadline of August 29, 2022. More information is available here.

“OneFifty is a long-standing partner of NewFilmmakers LA. The NewNarratives collaboration has yielded exciting new talent from around the globe and we look forward to the unique voices that will emerge this year,” said Axel Caballero, Head of OneFifty.

“As NFMLA celebrates our 15-year anniversary, it’s incredibly exciting to look back and see how far the artists we’ve supported have come. Working with OneFifty in this curatorial and developmental capacity fosters the same kind of creativity and opportunity that NFMLA has fought so hard to advocate for. Having a partnership with an organization like OneFifty, that has championed such powerful films and filmmakers including Oscar-winning Drive My Car and Oscar-nominated director K.D. Dávila, brings tremendous inspiration toward achieving the heights that so many artists dare to reach with their stories,” said NFMLA Executive Director Larry Laboe and Programming Director Bojana Sandic, in a joint statement.

The inaugural NewNarratives program, which launched in 2021, received over 200 entries from moe than 40 countries, which led to substantial funding for creatives with projects in several stages of development and production. It covered works by Jim Vendiola, Gabriela Ortega, Set Hernandez Rongkilyo and duo Nora Mariana Salim and Rami Kodeih. All share fresh perspectives on characters, societal challenges and representation, NFML said.

NewNarratives aims to be agnostic of any format, and covers episodic, short, feature, animation, and documentary productions.