3. There’s Something About Ryan

Of course, we’ve all ogled the shirtless photo of him as Ken, which is probably what set off this whole Barbie obsession. But Gosling was already a staple of ancient meme lore long before this movie. Do you remember the “Hey Girl” memes? Allow me to refresh your memory. They were once everywhere, when the internet was a lot cheugier and people still drew mustaches on the inside of their index fingers. These memes were also known by another name: Feminist Ryan Gosling. That particular Tumblr blog still exists (but hasn’t been active for about seven years), full of memes that say things like, “Hey girl, tell me to go make you a sandwich,” and “Hey girl. New plan — we wait until your parents are in the car with their seat belts on before you tell them you’re changing your major to Women’s Studies.”

From these memes came a book chock full of Feminist Ryan Gosling quotes that you used to be able to find in a pile of random tchotchkes at Urban Outfitters. In any case, the point is that Ryan Gosling is very memeable all on his own.

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