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11 Silence of the Lambs Details You Probably Missed

11 Silence of the Lambs Details You Probably Missed

Clarice Starling Silence of the Lambs details

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Clarice’s Politics

Silence of the Lambs doesn’t wear its politics on its sleeve — its message of empathy and resilience in the face of hideous opposition should be universal. But we learn a bit about Clarice Starling’s beliefs in a very brief exchange when she’s first summoned to Crawford’s office.

“I remember you from my seminar at UVA,” he says, referring to her university. You grilled me pretty hard as I recall on the bureau’s Civil Rights record in the Hoover years.”

We can’t know for sure, but the reference to Civil Rights suggests she may be referring to Hoover’s surveillance of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s one of many ways the film tips us off to Clarice’s empathy and support for underdogs.

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