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11 Silence of the Lambs Details You Probably Missed

11 Silence of the Lambs Details You Probably Missed

Clarice Starling Silence of the Lambs details

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When Silence of the Lambs joined Netflix last month, to coincide with Netflix’s airing of the TV spinoff Hannibal, many of us got to watch the masterful Jonathan Demme film for the first time — or watch it for the first time with lots of opportunities to pause, zoom and rewind.

We found… some things. Many of them have been explored in the many Silence of the Lambs sequels and spinoffs (see Hannibal the series and film, the movie Red Dragon, and the upcoming CBS series Clarice). But others have almost completely escaped notice. With this story, we’ll delve as deep as we can into the worlds of FBI trainee Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster), cannibal psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), FBI behavioral science mastermind Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn) and transformation-minded serial killer Jame Gumb/Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine).

Silence of the Lambs more than holds up to scrutiny and close investigation because Demme, screenwriter Ted Tally and novelist Thomas Harris, who wrote the novel that is the basis of the film, took great care to craft an intelligent, detailed thriller that trusts the audience to solve a few mysteries along the way.

Here are some details about Silence of the Lambs you may have missed.

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