10 Things We Just Learned about Clueless on its 25th Anniversary

The iconic film Clueless is celebrating its 25th anniversary yesterday, and we’re totally buggin’ at all the interviews and retrospectives about its deep imprint on pop culture.

We would’ve been celebrating the film by rollin’ with the homies to the Los Angeles pop-up restaurant, “As If!”’ if it hadn’t been delayed due to COVID-19. So instead, Baldwins and betties, join us in looking back at 10 things we just learned about the film.

Cher’s iconic yellow suit almost didn’t make the cut

10 Things We Just Learned about <i>Clueless</i> on its 25th Anniversary

The film’s most memorable outfit, Cher’s Dolce & Gabbana yellow plaid suit, almost wasn’t the inspiration for thousands of Halloween costumes. In a Variety interview with director Amy Heckerling and costume designer Mona May, Heckerling revealed that the pair originally had something else for Cher to wear.

“Mona kept telling me she couldn’t sleep at night,” Heckerling noted, “She was worried Dionne’s outfit would shine, and Cher’s would disappear into the background.”

May found the yellow Dolce & Gabbana off the rack, Vogue reports

“I had a blue one and a red one. The blue didn’t have the oomph. The red felt too risque, it didn’t feel like Cher. I wasn’t sure about the yellow. It’s not a great color for blondes. But when Alicia put that on, we all went, ‘Oh my god, this is it.’ She looks like a ray of sun and the queen of school,” May told Vogue.

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