Clint Eastwood

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former California governor has said he’ll always be a Republican because he feels the party best represents the American freedoms he longed for growing up in post-World War II Austria. But he’s always been agile enough to cooperate with people who don’t hold his beliefs, including his Kennedy in-laws, during his marriage to Maria Shriver.

He’s also done admirable work on reducing pollution — he was advocated for a “hydrogen highway” nearly 20 years before the Biden Administration announced $7 billion in funding for hydrogen hubs — and has done admirable work on protecting voting rights nationwide.

In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien’s podcast, the former Conan the Barbarian (above) succinctly summed up his approach to governing a mostly liberal state:

“I had one advantage in that I was not a real ideologue. Yes, I was conservative. Yes, I’m a Republican. But I’m not stuck in this ideological corner. And I didn’t look at Democrats as the enemy. I always felt kind of like we wanted to make this work. You have to have Democrats and Republicans work together. So we worked together and we figured out: ‘What is it that we can do together?’ And then let’s fight over the other issues.”

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