Clint Eastwood

John Milius

The writer of the first two Dirty Harry films and Apocalypse Now — who also directed another Hollywood conservative on this list in Conan the Barbarian. Asked about detractors who call him a “right-wing reactionary,” he told Film Threat in 1999:

“I’m really an extreme right-wing reactionary. I’m not a reactionary — I’m just a right-wing extremist so far beyond the Christian-identity people like that and stuff, that they can’t even imagine. I’m so far beyond that I’m a Maoist. I’m an anarchist. I’ve always been an anarchist. Any true, real right-winger if he goes far enough hates all form of government, because government should be done to cattle and not human beings.”

We find those sentences a little nuts, and also confusing. But we also acknowledge him as one of the best screenwriters of the 1970s.

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